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Financing Start Up Enterprise is a national delivery partner for the Start Up Loans scheme.

Start Up Loans, administered by the British Business Bank, is a government backed scheme, providing low-interest repayable loans and free business support.

We’ve approved finance and provided post-loan support for business owners across almost every industry you can imagine, all across the UK!

The Scheme

Start Up Loans are available to businesses yet to launch or to those that have been trading for up to 24 months.

The Scheme provides free business planning prior to lending, to ensure applicants are in the best possible position to receive funding. Once an individual receives their repayable loan they will also be given access to a mentor, free training courses and business offers.

Lord Young, who helped get the original Scheme off the ground, saw the potential for an extra 900,000 jobs across the country. Self-employment is increasingly chosen as an exciting and rewarding career path by many people.

Financing Start Up Enterprise is a leading delivery partner for the scheme, handling applications from application to agreement.

Financing Enterprise are also the only Delivery Partner to offer fully Sharia Compliant finance (if this is what you’re looking for, please go to for more information).

The Scheme is now part of the British Business Bank and in total has helped over 55,000 businesses to start up with access to more than £400 million pounds in loan finance.



Average Approval Time



percent interest



Successful Applicants



Post loan support

Average approval time is from submission to “Stage 3” to when an advisor has approved a loan, calculated for loans drawn in the most recent two months and does not include time between approval and drawdown.

Loan interest calculated at 0.5% per month and carries an APR value of 6.2% calculated against the capital outstanding.

Loans are housed with GC Business Finance on behalf of Start Up Loans and British Business Bank.

Post loan support is offered as part of a package for successful applicants – for further information please see our Mentoring section

What is the Process

  • Think of an idea! This could be something you’re doing for somebody else and think you’d prefer to do it for yourself or something you’ve always wanted to do but feel now is the best time to start, even just a business to provide additional income to your normal job.
  • Register online – when you register you’ll be sent through to an online application form which will include credit and identity verification followed by the opportunity for you to provide further information about your business.
  • Speak with one of our business advisors!
  • Application Assessment

    The advisor will then review the application, your personal situation and any supplementary information needed for your application before making a recommendation. At this stage one of our other advisors will review everything and decide if the application is suitable for us to approve.

    Some applications may require additional reviews, supplementary documentation and information which can increase time before approval. Each application is slightly different so it’s difficult to give an exact amount of time for approval

  • You’re Approved!

    If your loan is approved you’ll receive loan documents through the post and a call from our team to introduce you to the post loan support offerings. Please complete the loan documentation very carefully, as these will not be accepted if there are any errors or corrections present.

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